DIPS Online

What is DIPS Online?

The online platform called DIPS Online aims to enable users to design and formulate IP strategies by integrating company, market and IP data in an intuitive, user-friendly manner. The tool includes three components:

    • Data facilitation and formatting. Enabling the user to enter direct basic information and data.
    • Support for analyzing the data using Patentopolis step-by-step methodology to make strategies and plans.
    • Displaying the results in dashboards to allow benchmarking, assessment and projection.Extranet for providing overview of current IP portfolio
    • Centralization. Integration with IP management system possible

DIPS Online is controlled by Patentopolis BV, hosted on a dedicated server located in The Netherlands, and accessible here, where each client can access their own account and separate database associated with their accounts on our server.

Your benefits

      • Clearer overview when mapping your portfolios against your (client’s) company business
      • Visibility for aligning the portfolio with business and market
      • Support tool to design and monitor plans for innovation and commercialization
      • Decision tool for: allocating fixed budget, assessing future inventions, preparing/steering IP review meetings, strategic IP management, generating additional value extraction, etc.
      • Simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface. Easier reporting
      • Bring better communication and motivation to IP team and other internal functions to carry more strategic work with all stakeholders and throughout the company

To get access, contact us here