What you missed during Patentopolis strategy seminars on 5-8 July 2016

Two seminars took place earlier this month in The Hague: “Design IP Strategy” (DIPS) on 5-6 July; and “Implement IP Strategy” (I2PS) on 7-8 July. The training was fully booked this time again with participants coming from all over Europe (England, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands) and from both industry and consultancy (private practice, consulting, tax advisory).

At the end of the training, 100% of the participants recommend both seminars to others. See why below. 92% agree that the seminar met their expectations.

Average assessment of knowledge and tools learned during DIPS and I2PS, from participants using a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest):

  • 4.8 for the 2nd methodology to implement change in IP (in I2PS)
  • 4.7 for basic models about change management applied to IP (in I2PS)
  • 4.7 for the 1st methodology revisited for corporate plan design (in I2PS)
  • 4.7 for best practices for successful implementation (organizational issues) (in I2PS)
  • 4.6 for frameworks (matrix) to design IP strategies (in DIPS)
  • 4.4 for the 1st methodology to design an IP/innovation strategy plan (in DIPS)

What the participants liked best during the seminar DIPS

  • “The matrix is a clear visualization tool and helps identify priority areas for the IP strategy” (Rene J.)
  • “The matrix which links the different aspects together. What/how to communicate to convince management” (Hanane B.)
  • “Realizing alignment by overlapping the matrices business – market – IP/Innovation” (Petra S.)
  • “I liked the examples of the tools, and the clear summaries” (Taina S.)
  • “The IP lexicon was very helpful, especially for a manager with no IP background” (Jose T.)

What the participants liked the best during the seminar I2PS

  • “Bringing product/project strategies together in one corporate strategy” (Barbara V.)
  • “I already experienced online DIPS but appreciated this very effective refresher” (Nicola N.)
  • “Learning new concepts of change management and how to apply them to IP practice” (Rene J.)

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