Two EPO case studies on SMEs by Patentopolis

© 2017 EPO

Patentopolis is pleased to share the recent publication of a series of case studies based on European Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise (SMEs) published by the EPO. The case studies are available here.

SMEs from different countries, operating in different industry sectors and using different types of technology, have been interviewed about their approach to IP. The case studies illustrate how emerging and established SMEs have been managing IP to their advantage.

The SMEs featured in the case studies were selected a field of hundreds other European SMEs. The cases have been prepared in close collaboration with renowned IP experts.

Dr. Arnaud Gasnier is the author of the case on Voltea, an SME based in The Netherlands and specialized in water purification. The case is available here. Arnaud is also the co-author of the case on Picote, an SME based in Finland and specialized in cleaning and repairing pipes. The case is available here.

Image credits: © 2017 EPO