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Yolanda Day (UCL) says about the module MSIN3014 on Intellectual Property (IP) run at UCL: “Arnaud is passionate about his subject. This makes it an easy and enjoyable learning experience. The module actually focuses on patents, as it is intended for those with a tech background.

The feedback re the assignments (individual and group work) given by Arnaud is extremely thorough and timely; additionally, he offers to mark drafts for each part. The IP sessions themselves are enjoyable, as Arnaud thoroughly explains IP concepts, referring back to an overarching circular plan which integrates “creating” IP, capturing of value from it, and aligning it with business strategy/planning.

During the lectures, we apply the IP concepts and learn practical methodologies which we apply to real-life examples and case studies in class. After the lectures, we reapply the methodologies in small teams to our own projects (group work); this helps anchoring the learning experience.

The most engaging sessions are sessions 1 and 10 which involve an IP-based business simulation; there we are grouped in small teams which run an innovative company which makes both research (and innovates) and products, and can engage in commercial transactions. Session 1 is an eye-opener on the microeconomics of the IP system as a whole; Session 10 allowed us to reapply our understanding of the IP concepts learned during previous sessions. These two sessions are fun; yet, we became aware of the potential value of IP in the real world.

Overall, this course has given me an insight into the value of intangible assets for a company, which is invaluable for anyone who wants to pursue a business management position.

For all these reasons, I highly recommend this course!”


Alena Bakeyeva says: “I am a Master student for UCL IMB (Information Management for Business) and highly recommend choosing the elective MSIN3014 at UCL SoM on Intellectual Property (IP) and Patents for students who wish to work as Innovators, Managers and Entrepreneurs – it is one of the most interesting (though challenging) subjects I’ve studied throughout three years of undergrad at UCL.This module will show you another side of any business in today’s economy driven by technology and innovation.

Whether you are planning to work in the field of IP or not- you will be connected with Intellectual Property in one way or another.

Arnaud is an amazing teacher and is always there to help you if you are struggling with anything at all. He is one of the few lecturers who care about the knowledge you receive from the course and puts a lot of effort into delivering the content to you, rather than just reading the slides and leaving the classroom till next week.

The first and last lessons are dedicated to a patent exploitation simulation – a very exciting exercise, which all of my class have really enjoyed. Throughout 10 weeks you will learn how to engage with patenting process and technology commercialisation as well as how to embed the IP/patent strategy into the business.

Last but not least, I found the module so interesting, that I decided to write a dissertation on the subject of patents, whose research aimed to compare the relative patent performance among Russia, China and the USA.”


Ewa R. says“I really enjoyed your presentation and think it was a very fresh and interesting insight into IP world. It has been a very motivating experience. Arnaud has a lot of energy to pass on to other people!”


Jonas L. says: “For me your presentation was more inspirational, how to find your thing and showing alternative ways to prosper in the IP world. I think your contribution was important since not everyone might be happy in the suit of the industry or a law firm and have a hard time seeing their whole life there. I felt I could relate to your journey and entrepreneurial spirit. I think everyone will remember connecting the dots and the importance of sales. But I think more than material your presentation brought hope.”


Slavica T. says: “Thank you again for the outstanding presentation yesterday. Even though I am a lawyer and not very familiar with business analyses You kept my attention for 120 min. It was a pleasure to listen your speech. Giving such a powerful speech was truly inspiring for me. Especially getting a very good message from all that you presented that we should never give up on the way to achieve our goals and in terms of knowledge never to stop learning because we never know-how useful any experience can be and can affect our professional future when building our careers.”


François C. says: “Your presentation was very insightful in particular your experience and career-path was very inspiring to me. I also greatly appreciated the personal and less-formal format of your presentation which made it easier for us to relate.

The description of your activity at Patentopolis was also very eye-opening in that it provided us with an example for a different type of IP profession at the intersection between microeconomics and IP.

Finally I greatly appreciated your answer to my question on open innovation/and open source which are reoccurring themes in Brussels and where your insights on a managerial perspective for companies and SMEs helped me in better assessing the issues at stake.”


Maria P.P. says: “Your presentation at the IP Campus definitely gave me a big push and increased my ambition to succeed not only professionally but also on a personal level. I found your speech quite well detailed and refreshing.”


Maria Jose E.M., an intern in a patent office’s Patent Information Promotion department, says: “Arnaud was one of the speakers for the IP Campus yesterday. I had the pleasure to listen to his interesting story and enjoy his dynamic presentation, where I could learn that, in nowadays society, knowledge is the best tool to keep going. From IP to economy, marketing and a little bit of luck, you can accomplish your goals with patience and a little bit of positivism… and selling skills! I’m really thankful for the opportunity to listen to such an inspiring speech!“


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