Seminars on IP strategy in Amsterdam on 12-15 January 2016

Patentopolis offers two seminars on IP (Intellectual Property) strategy. These events are at the intersection of IP and business; they are intended for both IP community seeking business insights and business communities seeking IP insights

  • “Design IP Strategy (DIPS)” on 12-13 January 2016
  • “Implement IP Strategy (I2PS)” (2 days) on 14-15 January 2016

Both events will take place at Hotel Movenpick in the center of Amsterdam.

During the seminars, you and your colleagues could discover why Patentopolis has been awarded “Best IP Management 2015 – The Netherlands”. In particular you can learn and apply frameworks on how to align business and innovation/IP and practical tools to design strategic plans which you could reapply directly to your own environment.

Over the past 6 years, we have had great feedback about the seminar, from participants coming from various organizations (large, SME, start-up, university etc.) and industries. They especially like the mix of theory and practical skills gained with our case-based approach.

The registration fee is EUR 1,440 per seminar excluding VAT and accommodation. We offer 50% discount for 2nd participant of your organization or network, or free-of-charge for the 3rd.

You can find more information in the brochures available online.

  • For DIPS on 12-13 January 2016:
  • For I2PS on 14-15 January 2016:

Extra benefits: free access to our new online platform DIPS for 1 month.

If you need more information or want to register, please contact us at