Seminar “Implement IP” in Holland in Sept with 20+ yr change manager

Patentopolis BV is offering a seminar at the intersection between IP (Intellectual Property) and business in The Hague (NL) on 9-10 September 2015. The same seminar is also offered on 16-17 and 23-24 September 2015 (same location).

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  • You are an IP professional (manager, patent attorney etc.) either in-house or private practice.
  • Alternatively, you are at mid-management level, and responsible for IP function and/or strategy.

In both cases you are facing (some of) the following difficulties:

  • How effective are you as IP leader?
  • Getting management buy-in becomes critical in your organization
  • Convincing higher management that IP has and can generate value?

Pre-requisite: Attended seminar “Design IP Strategy”


  • Self-assess your organization’s readiness re IP implementation, and get benchmark
  • Review Patentopolis strategy frameworks (matrix, 5-step). Learn a structured and multi-disciplinary approach to consolidate IP plans from product/division level to corporate, and apply to case study
  • Experience IP strategy implementation in a dynamic environment and explore how to use and adjust an IA strategy plan (business simulation). Discuss best practices for successful implementation, execution and adjustment
  • Revisit IP strategy from project management’s perspective. Understand some concepts, models and practical insights from change management
  • Toolkit for IP implementation. Design your own change plan with your next critical moves, and validate it with peers. Become more aware of your strengths and other areas, and how to complete your skills. Improve your negotiation skills


  • Dr. Arnaud Gasnier, CEO, Senior Consultant and Founder of Patentopolis BV. Arnaud has practiced globally in various IP (patents, trademarks) departments and in various roles (Patent Attorney, Licensing Associate, Portfolio Manager, Associate General Counsel) since 1996 e.g. for Swatch, Philips and adidas. He is the author of the book “The Patenting Paradox” and recently contributed to the last edition of “The Handbook of the European IP Management”. Arnaud holds Executive MBA from London Business School. Arnaud is also Adjunct Teaching Fellow at University College of London
  • Dr. Andreas Kreibich, CEO, Change Manager and Founder of a2s Consulting Ltd, a cooperation partner of Patentopolis. Andreas has a multi-year background as strategy consultant, project manager and transition agent in various global corporate organizations. Since 2013 he is attracted to the dynamics of IP Strategy Implementation and applies change management insights to IP transition projects. Andreas holds an Executive MBA from London Business School and is a certified project manager (PMI, Prince2, Six Sigma).

Price: EUR 1,370 (+Dutch VAT where applicable) includes course documentation, mid-session refreshments, lunch and certificate. Discount until 1 August 2015: 50% for the 2nd participant of the same company; or FREE for the 3rd participant.

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  • Get a company-wide certification: You can keep the focus with an in-house project after the seminar. During that project, you apply the Patentopolis’ frameworks to your own case, with guidance, review and final approval by the Patentopolis team. You start when you want. The recommended duration is 3 months. Price EUR 5,000 (+Dutch VAT where applicable). Read more at