Seminar “Design IP Strategy” in The Hague (NL) in September 2015

Patentopolis BV is offering a seminar at the intersection between IP (Intellectual Property) and business in The Hague (NL) on 7-8 September 2015. The same seminar is also offered on 14-15 and 21-22 September 2015 (same location).

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  • You are an IP professional (manager, patent attorney etc.) either in-house or in private practice, and seek a better understanding of business tools applied to IP.
  • You are from a business community (R&D, general management, consultants etc.) and seek a better understanding of IP to create/capture value for business growth.

In both cases you look to:

  • Move your company’s approach as to IP management from opportunistic, operational and isolated to strategic, long-term and integrated
  • Gain a practical overview of both IP and business strategy perspectives.
  • Learn and apply new tools with structured, generic approaches to draft IP plans, plus guidance to customize these tools to your company and industry.


  • Theory, models and frameworks on IP and business strategy
  • Learn and apply the Matrix as a tool for bridging capabilities (IP, innovation and market), for supporting decision and strategic positioning, and for internal communication
  • Learn and apply a structured, multi-disciplinary methodology to design IP plans step-by-step. Directly applicable in your daily practice!

Price: EUR 1,370 (+Dutch VAT where applicable) includes course documentation, mid-session refreshments, lunch and certificate. Discount until 1 August 2015: 50% for the 2nd participant of the same company; or FREE for the 3rd participant.

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  • Seminar “Implement IP Strategy” in The Hague on 9-10 (also 16-17 and 23-24) September 2015
  • Get certification: You can keep the focus with an in-house project after the seminar. During that project, you apply the Patentopolis’ frameworks to your own case, with guidance, review and final approval by the Patentopolis team. You start when you want. The recommended duration is 3 months. Price EUR 3,500 (+Dutch VAT where applicable)