Project Patentopolis – London Business School: new IP certification?

We are pleased to announce that Patentopolis has started a new project at London Business School to validate Patentopolis’ body of knowledge (models, methodologies, simulations) with general business and management frameworks. Further, this project will assess the feasibility of setting up and running a new structure (institute) bridging IP and business capabilities. This new structure will include research activities (development and validation of new tools and approaches), educational activities (training, certification) and consultancy activities. This project will run until end May 2015.
We are now inviting business consultancy firms, IP law firms and IP vendor firms to express interest in participating as partners to this new structure. In case of such interest, please contact Arnaud Gasnier, Founder and CEO, Patentopolis BV (

As a company or research institute, you can also express interest in this new initiative by filling in a survey with our conference partner (Management Forum UK): The survey aims to: help companies measure their “IP strategy readiness”; identify patterns of difficulties which exist in companies and provide with a benchmark; and introduce the new certification.