Peer feedback: new testimonial from The Netherlands

Barbara Veldhuis, Director IP and registered Dutch & European Patent Attorney, Corbion Group Netherlands BV (The Netherlands), said: Together with my colleague, we both attended last month’s two strategy seminars (4 days in total): DIPS (Design IP Strategy) and I2PS (Implement IP Strategy). During DIPS, I have found that Patentopolis tools (the matrix and the 5-step methodology) were particularly useful for analysing and actually making an IP strategy at different levels of the organization. During I2PS, the most useful was to revisit the 5-steps in order to help us bring product strategies together in one corporate strategy. I also really appreciated the last day fully dedicated to change management since it helped us (my colleague and I) discuss/review a work situation with a new outlook and tools applicable to our IP practice.

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Our next round of strategy seminars will be in January 2017. Download the brochures for DIPS here and for I2PS here.

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