Patentopolis BV awarded “Best for IP management 2015 – Netherlands”

Patentopolis team is proud to announce our company has won the award of “Best for IP Management 2015”. This award is the outcome of our team’s efforts to gradually build a leading presence since 2009 by providing new tools and frameworks to better bridge IP (Intellectual Property), innovation and business strategy.

The IP industry is currently changing. At the low end of the market, companies ask for basic, cost-effective IP activities, resulting in driving down such service pricing while IP services used to be charged at a premium. New services providers, often based overseas, can bring such cost leadership which leads IP law firms to redefine their offering. At the high end of the market, IP professionals (both in-house and private practice) face new challenges; (clients’) management ask them to embrace new roles as business partners and to get more engaged and influential in the business strategy process for long-term growth. However, such professionals (usually with technical and legal background) lack tools when it comes to designing IP plans aligned with business strategy and responding to market dynamics.

To meet these new challenges, Patentopolis offers frameworks and online tools which reunite the knowledge gap between IP and business communities. Our solutions solve other challenges like the know-do gap when it comes to implementation and change. Patentopolis team has successfully applied these frameworks and tools since 2009, for clients and projects such as the EU consortium BioQED (2014-2017).

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Looking ahead

A collective of IP firms coordinated by Patentopolis is developing a new online tool called DIPS (Design IP Strategy). The tool aims to help users design new IP/innovation plans and periodically audit their execution. To this end, DIPS is an online platform for collecting, formatting and analysing multi-disciplinary data (business, market, own IP) according to Patentopolis frameworks. Each user has a separate database from other DIPS accounts, to guarantee maximum confidentiality. The tool DIPS is planned to be commercialized early 2016.

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