Next month’s Patentopolis IP strategy seminar fully booked! Still interested?

We are pleased to announce that our strategy seminar taking place in The Hague early July 2016 is now fully booked. This time again, professionals will come from Europe and overseas.

What the participants will learn:

  • Models and frameworks to analyze a company’s strategic options where innovation, market positioning and IP are aligned
  • A practical, structured methodology where participants can design an IP plan step by step (based on case study), and which they can reapply to their own company. Which data needs to be collected? How to format it to make it actionable? How to reach alignment between business and IP?
  • Reapplying the same methodology if their company needs to design a corporate plan. What to optimize or compromise (scope, time or resources)?
  • Communicating about the plan internally to help them persuade top management
  • Experiencing change management, success factors and barriers during the execution of the plan, through an alive business simulation
  • Best practices for fostering a successful implementation in today’s economy.

Are you interested in joining our next seminar? Register today for the rerun on 24-27 January 2017. Please contact us contact us at