New testimonials from the industry about DIPS

Stephan Ising, Expert IP Strategy & Research, Thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property GmbH (Germany) says: “Evaluating IP portfolios and meeting budget restrictions can be challenging, especially during organizational changes. DIPS tools help to provide deep insights in IP goals, to focus on areas where to invest with value-add, and to communicate them within the organization. Patentopolis workshop is a perfect event to learn a useful methodology (DIPS) and apply it immediately in interactive cases.”

Morné Barradas, Senior Manager Intellectual Property, Sasol (South Africa) says: “IP can be seen as delaying R&D projects, because clearly demonstrating how IP aligns with business strategy can be challenging. DIPS toolbox enables this; it gives a simple yet practical framework to help translate techno-business drivers into IP strategy options and continuously monitor alignment between IP and project objectives. DIPS workflows also help to measure (mis)alignment and to show it.”

Luca Pusterla, Corporate Intellectual Property Manager (Italy) says: “I like DIPS; it provides a practical, holistic approach to review the business case and identify potential dead weights in the portfolio. From there, it becomes possible to design objective metrics to put in place.”

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