New testimonial from Finland on Patentopolis certification program

Petri Nieminen, Partner and Consulting Director, BocoIP Oy Ab (Finland) said on 2 March 2017:

“We at Boco IP look at our role as a strategic partner for our customers in increasing their competitive strength and safeguarding their unique know-how. Our IPR 360® concept is designed to help companies in integrating IP rights with their core functions, and our IP strategy services are often at vanguard in this.

Our co-operation with Patentopolis goes back years. I first attended a Patentopolis seminar back in 2012 to learn their methodology DIPS with its unique structured planning workflow. We also organized a Patentopolis DIPS event at our office a while ago for our clients, which was well received.

Subsequently, I joined the Patentopolis DIPS Online beta project. As DIPS Online became available, I then joined in with the DIPS certification process.

With DIPS certification, I was supported by Patentopolis team to reapply the methodology and platform DIPS Online together with one of our clients. It has been a great tool and experience to take a step back, better understand their business and goals, and design a shared plan to protect their innovative edge over the competition. It will also help us strengthen long-term relationship with periodic reviews. We are now creating a team of consultants dedicated to IP strategy, trained and certified by Patentopolis.”

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