Experience sharing: participants’ feedback post Patentopolis seminar on IP strategy 15-17 March 2016

The training was fully attended with participants coming from all over Europe and this time also APAC (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia).

At the end of the training, 93% of the participants recommend this seminar to others. See why below.

87% agree that the seminar met their expectations.

Average assessment from participants using a scale from 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest):

  • 5.2 for speakers
  • 5.0 for materials
  • 4.8 for overall impression of the seminar, seminar content and practical benefits

What did the participants like best?

  • The methodology: “very interesting and useful tool”; “feasible and implementable”; “very practical tool”; “powerful method for defining an IP plan”; “well-structured and defined way of designing an IP plan”; “much better approach compared to what we [our firm] usually offer”; “good insight into the topic of IP strategy based on an exemplary tool”
  • Course: “theory + practice with ‘simple’ tools”; “interactive, fast, efficient”; “good interactive format”; “highly interactive”; “intensive”
  • “Opportunity to learn one way to develop an IP strategy together with (online) tools”; “Matrix and business simulation were very useful.” “Skills can be used beyond IA strategy design and review”
  • From law firms: “useful for giving advice to clients”; “good tool for performing IP strategy analysis”

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