Strategy: 5-Step Methodology (DIPS)

How to align IP with long-term goals and market opportunities? How to set up or reset a strategy for innovation, IP or even a business?

During this module, participants learn Patentopolis’ methodology DIPS which is a guided workflow to help them prepare a strategic plan for innovation generation, protection and exploitation, with a structured, multi-disciplinary and rationalised approach. Models and practical skills are gained during teamwork assignments (based on a case study) followed with group discussion, peer experience sharing and speaker feedback. Some former participants use these simple tools also for innovation planning and even business planning.

(1 day)

Pre-requisite: “Matrix

Follow-ups: “Get Buy-In”; “Corporate IP”; “Certification DIPS

  • Directors and managers in R&D and IP seeking to set up or review an IP strategy for their company, department, technology or product
  • IP professionals (in-house, private practice) asked by (client’s) management to deliver an IP plan
  • Project managers for EU and other research projects, seeking a tool to find opportunities and synergies for innovation and exploitation

Before the training:

  • Benchmark company readiness regarding IP strategy (online survey)
  • Pre-reader

Day 1 AM

  • Introducing IP strategy-making: the who-what-how of IP planning
  • Introducing the case study
  • Learn Step 1: internal alignment (company vision vs. IP). Define/refine the vision to link IP and business. Recourse to the matrix as a dashboard
  • Apply Step 1 (teamwork, feedback)
  • Learn Step 2: external analysis (market, competition, others’ IP). Revisit the matrix through the competition landscape. IP mapping techniques (mapping, landscaping…). Analysing patent data (lifecycle, competition etc.)
  • Apply Step 2 (teamwork, feedback)
  • Learn Step 3: IP & sources of competitive advantages. Audit, assess and rank current IP/asset position. Gap analysis using the matrix: Compare ideal to current own IP. Derive actions to bridge current/desired IP position

Day 1 PM

  • Apply Step 3 (teamwork, feedback)
  • Learn Step 4: SWOT analysis (business + market + IP). Prioritise actions to define an IP roadmap. Review different scenarios. IP performance benchmarking and reporting. Define IP KPIs to report future success. Estimate budget needs for R&D and IP.
  • Learn Step 5: The strategic plan – the outline. Integrate outputs of steps 1-4 into a practical, rationalised plan. Positioning, actions and measurement. Differentiate core v non-core activity for higher performance
  • Best practices to reapply the tools to own environment

“There is a real need for many companies to get a structured approach to IP strategy. That’s exactly what Patentopolis course on IP strategy offers.”

Ramsvik Trond, Partner, European Patent Attorney, Onsagers AS (Norway)
10 August 2017

“Patentopolis course on IP strategy was up to my expectations and as defined during the first hour of the course. The DIPS® matrix and methodology is a very powerful toolkit, which helps to visualize how to capture value and where to invest budget and resources in areas which are relevant to the company. At the same time, it is a simple tool which can be practically implemented in my company and is effective for conveying relevant IAM aspects to managers. I very much enjoyed the course and particularly its hands-on exercise approach. Thanks to the course, I have now a more realistic view of what IP strategy is.”

Eugenio Souto Pampín, European Patent Attorney, IMEC (Belgium)
17 July 2017

“Many clients ask for IP strategy today, or should ask for IP strategy. However, strategic IP planning is not for all IP attorneys; it needs a mindset beyond legal which is not part of the usual education of IP attorneys.I experienced Patentopolis tools such as their matrix approach and their methodology to design IP strategy (DIPS). I found these tools to be an interesting way to gain insight into the business strategy from an IP point of view, and into the IP strategy from a business point of view. I believe that these tools are helpful to understand a client’s business, map their portfolio with their products, and create a shared vision for future IP investments to bring their IP strategy in line with their business strategy. What I found particularly noteworthy is that this strategy aims at tomorrow’s value rather than only today’s costs – a view that every decision taker ought to take with respect to IP. ”
This testimonial reflects personal views and not necessarily views of Hoffman Eitle.

Volker Tillmann, German and European Patent Attorney, Partner at Hoffmann Eitle Düsseldorf (Germany)
3 February 2017

“IP strategy is essential for business success, and I don’t want to rely on just gut feeling or hope as a strategy. Therefore, it makes sense to follow an effective methodology like DIPS of Patentopolis, since this is a well-structured, clear and logical approach. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Markus Glänzel, Director IP Management, Evonik Nutrition & Care (Germany)
10 January 2017

“This 2.5-day course on IP strategy is an important milestone for me and my company. The tools provided during this extensive course will allow me to apply the methodology DIPS of Patentopolis in IP strategy project for my company. I will recommend this course mainly to IP managers having limited IP experience with strategy-making. It gives a lot of materials on the methodology DIPS and also an opportunity for data crunching, which is exactly what I was looking for.”

Rimma Pugatsch Shendelzon, IP Manager, Landa Corporation (Israel)
9 January 2017

“I recommend this seminar especially because it is very practical. I found that Patentopolis 5-step methodology is particularly useful for designing new IP plans. The seminar is of a high tempo but yet effective, also thanks to the Patentopolis speakers who managed to transfer such knowledge and skills to me.”

Paul Schalz, Innovation and IP Manager, Paul Wurth SA (Luxemburg)
30 March 2016

“The course is interactive, high tempo and efficient regardless of the prior experience or background regarding strategic IP management.”

Eugene van Nieulande, Director – IP Licensing, One-Red (Netherlands)
25 March 2016

“Patentopolis 5-step methodology is a good tool for performing IP strategy analysis. It is useful for giving advice to clients.”

Mona Karlsson, European Patent Attorney, Awapatent (Sweden)
24 March 2016

“The methodology DIPS for strategy making since it is very practical. This Patentopolis methodology gives a path to follow where to start, as well as how to analyse data and interact with other functions during the planning phase and after.”

Reino Savela, IP counsel, ABB AB
10 January 2016

“I learned a different way of structuring and analyzing the data needed to make strategic plans for efficiently managing intellectual assets. As a patent attorney working with many companies in different phases of their lifecycle, bringing this kind of strategic thinking to the business will add value for many of them. The simple format of the methodology DIPS gives me a systematic way to prepare the plan from scratch. It also makes it easy to update the plan during the subsequent growth phases of the company. This intensive course with participants from different backgrounds (industry- and country-wise) gave the opportunity to share views and experience during the interactive lectures and diverse teamwork assignments (cases, peer reviews).”

Anna Pohjala, Partner, Leitzinger Oy (Finland)
18 September 2015