Strategy: Get Buy-In

How to get buy-in from your management or client? How to pitch your detailed analysis prepared by experts and persuade management?

During this module “Strategy: Communicate & Get Buy-In”, participants prepare and present a pitch to management on an IP plan/analysis prepared earlier. After their presentations, participants engage in group discussions to discuss facts and interpretations in light of the methodology

DIPS; subsequently, they get peer review and speaker feedback. This training is an opportunity to test your communication skills in a risk-free setting yet in an IP context. Participants receive a personalized, benchmarked report for each team.

(0.5 or 1 day)

Pre-requisite: “Methodology DIPS

Follow-ups: “Corporate IP“; “Certification DIPS

  • Directors and managers in R&D and IP seeking to set up or review an IP strategy for their company, department, technology or product
  • IP professionals (in-house, private practice) asked by (client’s) management to deliver an IP plan

Morning session

  • Communication and persuasion: tips and pitfalls
  • Teams prepare a pitch based on earlier IP plan/analysis
  • Team presentations to management
  • Peer review of your pitch (online feedback), group discussion and speaker feedback

Optional: afternoon session

  • Personalized collective feedback report for each team, based on individual feedback given during Day 1 AM and benchmarked with earlier pitches
  • Review peer feedback with your team. Revise your morning’s presentation
  • Present again, this time of your revised pitches
  • Final wrap up and takeaways

“Patentopolis course on IP strategy was up to my expectations and as defined during the first hour of the course. The DIPS® matrix and methodology is a very powerful toolkit, which helps to visualize how to capture value and where to invest budget and resources in areas which are relevant to the company. At the same time, it is a simple tool which can be practically implemented in my company and is effective for conveying relevant IAM aspects to managers. I very much enjoyed the course and particularly its hands-on exercise approach. Thanks to the course, I have now a more realistic view of what IP strategy is.”

Eugenio Souto Pampín, European Patent Attorney, IMEC (Belgium)
17 July 2017

“Preparing an IP plan (case-based) and communicating it (pitch to management) in less than 24 hours was challenging but eventually rewarding. Most skills can be used beyond IP strategy design and implementation.”

Jarred Twigg, Intellectual Property Manager, Breville (Australia)
6 April 2016

“Patentopolis 5-step methodology is a good tool for performing IP strategy analysis. It is useful for giving advice to clients.”

Mona Karlsson, European Patent Attorney, Awapatent (Sweden)
24 March 2016