Strategy: Experiment IP Strategy

  • Directors and managers in R&D and IP seeking to set up or review an IP strategy for their company, department, technology or product
  • IP professionals (in-house, private practice) asked by (client’s) management to deliver an IP plan
  • Other internal and external stakeholders of IP management

Day 1 AM

  • Introducing Patentopolis’ IP business simulation.
  • Setting up teams and operations of simulated companies (role-play). Making strategy plans based on different profiles and business visions
  • Simulation rounds
  • Debriefing: Analysis of the simulation session. Teams prepare and present their takeaways to critically review implementation and to reflect over company performance. and success. Group discussion
  • Final recommendations

Optional: Day 1 PM

  1. Extra simulation rounds with advanced complexity e.g.:
    • Response to technology change (investment, IP protection);
    • Response to new competition and markets
    • Testing your commercialisation skills;
    • Managing the legal issues during negotiations, including use of contract template agreements, making formal offers, amending and terminating the agreement, post-termination
    • Realigning the plan in response to internal or external events.
  2. Intermediate reporting the progress of the plan. Use the Matrix as dynamic dashboard
  3. Extra debriefing to correlate decisions with long-term impact. Learn from success and failure.
  4. Best practices toward successful implementation of IP plan. Consider internal or external changes and their implications for the IP plan.

“Preparing an IP plan (case-based) and communicating it (pitch to management) in less than 24 hours was challenging but eventually rewarding. Most skills can be used beyond IP strategy design and implementation.”

Jarred Twigg, Intellectual Property Manager, Breville (Australia)
6 April 2016

“We have organized a 1-day event with Patentopolis BV in the context of IPorta among representatives of European patent offices. The event was a unique and valuable experience for our colleagues. I am convinced that Patentopolis business simulation has fostered the capability of all participants to eventually change the perspective towards an SME, and the understanding of their needs and demands in our everyday work and beyond. IPorta project is co-funded by European Commission.”

Roger Hildebrandt, Referent, German patent office (DPMA)
17 November 2014

“At the Netherlands Patent Office we use workshops and presentations to raise IP awareness in general. Patentopolis BV offers tools for our prospects and customers to embark the next step. We are confident that the strategic management simulation tool called Patentopolis and their other training solutions offer many possibilities to align IP management with the overall mission and strategy of the organisation/company.”

ir. P. (Peter) H. van Dongen MSc BA, RVO, Divisie NL Octrooicentrum
19 September 2011

“After attending a pilot session, we were convinced that the Patentopolis program would allow us to teach our internal clients IP strategic concepts in a fun and risk free environment. We were able to customize together with Patentopolis an ST specific IP Business learning tool in a way that will aid our business units with their everyday decisions.”

Lisa Jorgenson, Group Vice President, IP and Licensing, STMicroelectronics Inc (USA)
13 July 2011