Strategy: Corporate IP Strategy

How to consolidate IP plans at corporate level (bottom-up)? How to bundle IP plans prepared for different technologies or products? How to cooperate with other departments in that consolidation process?

During this module, participants revisit the methodology DIPS. At the beginning, participants are pooled in teams reflecting different products. Data has been already collected and formatted using the methodology DIPS. Now it is time to put it together.

Participants learn a practical methodology to make a corporate IP plan, to engage and analyse objectively the starting situations. They review Patentopolis strategy frameworks (Matrix, Methodology DIPS) and learn a structured and multi-disciplinary approach to consolidate IP plans from product/division level to corporate. They apply it to the case study with group-decision techniques to facilitate communicate and build a shared vision and plan.

(0.5 day)

Prerequisite: “Methodology DIPS

Follow-ups: “Change Management in IP“; “Certification DIPS

  • Directors and managers in R&D and IP seeking to set up or review a corporate IP strategy
  • IP professionals (in-house, private practice) asked by (client’s) management to deliver an IP plan for the whole company
  • Project managers for EU and other research projects, seeking a tool to find opportunities and synergies for innovation and exploitation

Before the training

  • Self-assess your organization’s readiness re IP implementation, and get benchmark (online survey)

Day 1 AM

  • Learn how to design a corporate plan (bottom-up approach). The methodology DIPS revisited.
  • Apply consolidation to case study

“I also really appreciated the last day fully dedicated to change management since it helped us (my colleague and I) discuss/review a work situation with a new outlook and tools applicable to our IP practice.”

Barbara Veldhuis, Director IP, Corbion Group (Netherlands)
15 August 2016

“I learned a different way of structuring and analyzing the data needed to make strategic plans for efficiently managing intellectual assets. As a patent attorney working with many companies in different phases of their lifecycle, bringing this kind of strategic thinking to the business will add value for many of them. The simple format of the methodology DIPS gives me a systematic way to prepare the plan from scratch. It also makes it easy to update the plan during the subsequent growth phases of the company. This intensive course with participants from different backgrounds (industry- and country-wise) gave the opportunity to share views and experience during the interactive lectures and diverse teamwork assignments (cases, peer reviews).”

Anna Pohjala, Partner, Leitzinger Oy (Finland)
18 September 2015