Commercialisation: 5-step methodology

  • Non-lawyers e.g. business executives, technology transfer officers and R&D managers, who have limited knowledge or experience with the commercialisation process and wish to gain a better understanding of them as well as practical tools and insights.
  • Lawyers seeking new practical tools (online) to better deliver strategic advice regarding commercialisation in context of the (client’s) company’s long-term goals and market dynamics

Day 1 AM

  • IP Commercialisation: Concepts & Model. Different forms of commercialisation and value creation from IP
  • Revisit the Matrix for commercialisation. Apply to real-life cases during teamwork assignments
  • Introducing Patentopolis 5-step methodology for IP Commercialisation. Introduction to the case study. Personalise the Matrix to the case
  • Learning Step 1: IP identification. What is on offer? Portfolio mapping; first IP assessment; Technology Summary
  • Applying Step 1 to the case study (teamwork, group discussion)
  • Learning Step 2: Market assessment. Lead generation; prospect target lists

Day 1 PM

  • Learning Step 3: SWOT/gap analysis IP + market. Transaction types; due diligence. Identify market opportunities using the Matrix
  • Learning Step 4: Narrowing in on the target. The “right” transaction type; valuation. IP Offer and preliminary agreements
  • Learning Step 5: Completing the deal. Contract drafting overview and extra legal aspects. Focus on licensing agreement outline (grant clauses and definitions, payment terms, performance obligations, warranties and risk-allocation, law and jurisdiction)

“Theory clearly highly linked to practice: Hands-on guidance to define an IP offer up to the deal.”

1 March 2017

“Patentopolis 5-step methodology for commercialization is a good model and methodology.User-friendly toolkit for IP commercialisation.”

1 March 2017