We can deliver our unique trainings at your premises. This is especially sensible for large groups (approximately 6 or more); for less than 6 participants, it may make more sense to attend one of our conferences.

We do not give traditional lectures on legal IP matters.Instead we offer interactive, engaging and practical experiences at the intersection between IP and the other functions of the company. Our approach to IP is holistic, cross-functional and proactive. We see IP beyond opportunistic and ad hoc.

We offer a wide range of IP topics (management, organizational) to cover the whole IP lifecycle. Most popular ones are:

We can offer the above in different formats (training, team building event, awareness actions, and internal conference).We can also customize the content to your work environment and industry.

We recommend starting to organize the event 2-4 months in advance, depending on the degree of customization required by your company. Earlier delivery is possible. Our delivery process includes: intake session; preparation and customization of training materials; validation session; on-site facilitation; and reporting.

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