Participants to our seminars and conferences often tell us it is difficult to keep focus afterwards because the routine kicks back. This is why Patentopolis offer a certification program as a follow-up. After an initial case-based workshop, you are assisted to transfer new skills, frameworks and tools back into the workplace where you reapply them to your own environment followed with review, guidance and approval by Patentopolis.


  • Keep the focus with an in-house project after the seminar at your own pace
  • Part of online directory of Patentopolis Certified
  • Free access to our online Solutions during the 3 -month project

How to become certified

  • Attend a Patentopolis seminar on IP strategy (including introduction of Patentopolis’ matrix and 5-step methodology, plus application to cases)
  • Meet the minimum requirements of Patentopolis certification Program delivered as follows.
    • Intake: 1-hour (net-)meeting to fine-tune the specifications of the working case
    • In-house project: During that project, you apply the Patentopolis’ frameworks to Working Case, with remote support, guidance, review and final approval by the Patentopolis team. The recommended duration is 3 months unless otherwise agreed.
      • Month 1: Collecting and formatting data (business goals, market research, own IP portfolio) using Patentopolis forms learnt and applied during the seminar, using DIPS. Guidance and review by Patentopolis team
      • Month 2: Analyzing the data in a similar fashion to the analysis carried out with the case study during the seminar. Guidance and review by Patentopolis team
      • Month 3: Preparing a management document (the IP plan) using Patentopolis outline learnt and applied during the seminar. Guidance and review by Patentopolis team. Upon completion and approval by Patentopolis, we confirm issuance of a Certificate.
    • Exit call to wrap-up the Program, final recommendations and issuance of the Certificate.

To join our certification program, contact us here