Our trainings aim to empower you with our unique, proprietary tools (methodologies, online solutions) thanks to the assistance and guidance of our team of highly experienced consultants, so that you can directly apply these tools to your (client’s) company’s business specifics.

You can learn these tools in different ways.

  • Conferences publicly held for peers like you, and organized by Patentopolis and its partners. There you will learn the tools based on cases and real-life examples.
  • In-house training held at your own company’s premisesto your management, other colleagues, customers and/or suppliers. There you will learn the tools based on cases which can be customised. Our training sessions are highly customizable for individual needs, mixing theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a dynamic and interactive mode.
  • Certification: after a conference/in-house training, you reapply the tools at work to a project related to your (client’s) company context.
  • Books contain a detailed description of the concepts behind our tools, plus general knowledge on innovation and IP management for those not familiar with the field.
  • Content licensing: For a more frequent use of our tools, we license our training materials and train trainers for in-house use.