Strategy Making

  • (Re)setting an IP strategy and making a plan to steer, protect and exploit future innovation.
  • Exploring how IP can help develop new business in other industries, and how to create technical standard in the market (licensing out)
  • (Re)aligning the portfolio with long-term goals. Where to invest? Why? Take opportunities and threats from the market
  • Intake session
  • Questionnaire and review by our experts
  • Define core business/activity and main revenue streams. Business review/assessment
  • Apply our unique 5-step methodology for making IP strategies and plans, including data collection and formatting (matrix) with online DIPS:
    • Step 1: Vision, business, long-term goals;
    • Step 2: Market positioning and mapping competition;
    • Step 3: IP audit and mapping your company portfolio;
    • Step 4: SWOT gap analysis to realize alignment between business, market and IP, followed by budgeting and financial scenario-making; and
    • Step 4: Prioritization, performance metrics, actions, planning and accountability
  • Report and other deliverables with intermediate and final sessions with client.
  • Using unique Patentopolis tools and expertise to bridge and align innovation, IP and market
  • online platform DIPS for monitoring implementation to ease reporting to management
  • Visualize your starting point and progress over time, to ease communication with other functions
  • 1-time project. Also available for periodic monitoring

“Patentopolis course on IP strategy was up to my expectations and as defined during the first hour of the course. The DIPS® matrix and methodology is a very powerful toolkit, which helps to visualize how to capture value and where to invest budget and resources in areas which are relevant to the company. At the same time, it is a simple tool which can be practically implemented in my company and is effective for conveying relevant IAM aspects to managers. I very much enjoyed the course and particularly its hands-on exercise approach. Thanks to the course, I have now a more realistic view of what IP strategy is.”

Eugenio Souto Pampín, European Patent Attorney, IMEC (Belgium)
17 July 2017

“Many clients ask for IP strategy today, or should ask for IP strategy. However, strategic IP planning is not for all IP attorneys; it needs a mindset beyond legal which is not part of the usual education of IP attorneys.I experienced Patentopolis tools such as their matrix approach and their methodology to design IP strategy (DIPS). I found these tools to be an interesting way to gain insight into the business strategy from an IP point of view, and into the IP strategy from a business point of view. I believe that these tools are helpful to understand a client’s business, map their portfolio with their products, and create a shared vision for future IP investments to bring their IP strategy in line with their business strategy. What I found particularly noteworthy is that this strategy aims at tomorrow’s value rather than only today’s costs – a view that every decision taker ought to take with respect to IP. ”
This testimonial reflects personal views and not necessarily views of Hoffman Eitle.

Volker Tillmann, German and European Patent Attorney, Partner at Hoffmann Eitle Düsseldorf (Germany)
3 February 2017