IP in EU Projects

  • Get an IP Partner to plan and manage Exploitation throughout the project. Acting as an experienced, independent and professional partner to help the other partners identify, assess and exploit background IP and foreground IP including new inventions, wherever requested by the partners
  • Leading, neutral role for IP management and exploitation in complex, multi-actor cooperation settings. Facilitating IP management and exploitation in a transparent and collegial environment. Patentopolis BV will play an advisory role and provide IP support to partners where needed.
  • Independent expert looking over the edge of the portfolio of the individual partners, combining assets and materials from different Partners, and avoiding overlaps.
  • Building an Exploitation strategy, supporting instruments and bodies, by means of Patentopolis’ frameworks and tools successfully used in other consortia and projects
  • Support for monitoring progress in the course of the project, allocating resources re innovation, protection and exploitation, and adjusting the plan due to internal or external changes
  • Raising aware of the gap between the current position and the desired one at the end of the project, consensually (re)defining the desired outcomes and metrics, and bridging the gap
  • Broadening options and opportunities thanks to an integral, common, consortium-wide approach to IP management instead of silo, myopic approach for the individual partners
  1. Task 7.1 “Strategy Toolkit” (M1-M6)
  2. Task 7.2 “Consolidated Audit” (M1-M9)
  3. Task 7.3 “Strategic IP planning” (M7-M12)
  4. Task 7.4 “Operational IP management” (M13-M18)
  5. Task 7.5 “Strategic IP management” (M13-end)
  • Strategy toolkit i.e. matrix, 5-step methodology and online access to platform DIPS;
  • Organizing and delivering three IP Workshops with IP-savvy Partners
  • Competition landscaping report for the area of the project, annual updated
  • Strategic IP plan for the consortium and project, and progress reports
  • Access to Patentopolis online platform customized to the Consortium, and kept updated
  • Guidelines and best practices in EU projects

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