Corporate Planning

  • Need to deploy a program with more than 1 strategy to set up and monitor
  • Needs for systems and processes for centralization and easy reporting
  • Possibly change management at division level for harmonization across divisions
  1. Intake
  2. Strategy-Making (steps 1 to 3) for each of the products or technologies at stake
  3. Consolidation process by revisiting the 5-step methodology (steps 4 and 5)
  4. Report and other deliverables with intermediate and final sessions with client.
  • Using unique Patentopolis tools and expertise to bridge and align innovation, IP and market
  • Online platform DIPS tomonitorthe program implementation and to ease reporting to management
  • Visualize your starting point and progress over time, to ease communication with other functions
  • 1-time project. Also available for periodic monitoring

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