Competition Landscaping

Why others asked for this service

  • Are you (fully) aware of your competition?
  • Industry/market reports (trends, applications, leaders and newcomers, lead generation…)
  • Technology reports (R&D directions, new applications…)
  • Input for service strategy making (step 2 re market, competition and positioning)
  • Getting updates on technology and competition (patent data is alive since published every week, codified by independent experts, and covers most technology areas).

  • Workflow

    • Intake procedure to clarify needs and expectations
    • Conceptualization. Search strategy. Data screening
    • Data analysis to answer business and/or technical issues. Reporting

Benefits & Deliverables

  • We provide extra human resources in the short term to meet your urgent deadlines and give independent expertise
  • Access to our global IP team
  • Access to cutting-edge tools thanks to our partnerships with leading IP service providers

Our reports are confidential. However, you can read our White Papers

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