IP Law Firms & Consultancies

For the IP law firms, more and more clients (companies) ask for strategic advice. Companies growingly want to:

  • Bring more visibility in portfolio management for long-term
  • Map their IP portfolio in light of the company’s current activities (not case-by-case)
  • (Re)set a strategy and make a plan to steer, protect and exploit future innovation

In additional, some clients question the utility of IP investments, without a clearer indication of where/how to create and capture in the market using IP.

Many firms also suffer from pressure by the global competition in the IP service industry. As a response, some firms turn to consultancy and look at “IP strategy” as a new differentiated, premium service.We have helped IP firms reposition their offering into strategic advice in the context of the changing IP industry and the commoditization of basic IP activities in the global market.

In such firms, counsels/attorneys/agents have dual qualification, technical and legal. To meet the above challenges faced by the firms, they seek:

  • Knowledge (understand the business, build a common language)
  • Simple tools (structured methodology, guided workflow online)
  • Analytical skills (cross-disciplinary data, prepare plan)
  • Communicate with client (management) with non-legal arguments

If you are such IP professional, check our solutions and attend one of our upcoming events.

If you seek outsourcing part of IP management e.g. due to resource shortage or temporary high workload, check our consulting services.