Large companies invest in innovation to get competitive edge and maintain market leadership. Such large companies have in-house IP departments with in-house professionals having dual qualification (technical and legal). In today’s world of higher complexity, management is often concerned by:

          • (re)aligning large IP portfolios with the business (beyond a case-by-case approach)
          • creating and capturing more value using IP within market dynamics
          • setting up strategies on innovation, protection (IP) and exploitation and monitoring progress
          • building a shared vision between IP and other internal functions
          • improving coordination between innovation and IP operations
          • managing costs but with a long-term growth perspective


If your company seek to move away from opportunistic, ad hoc and short-term approach to IP management, Patentopolis can assist you at different levels:

    • events for managers (innovation, R&D, IP) and other in-house IP professionals to gain new knowledge and skills at the intersection between IP and business, followed with certification
    • solutions for cost-effective management system to improve routine coordination across functions
    • consulting services for getting extra resources and tools in times of expertise shortage or high workload.