Our Team

Dr. Arnaud Gasnier

Arnaud is Founder and CEO of Patentopolis BV. With ~20-year experience in Intellectual Property (IP), he has practiced globally in various IP (patents, trademarks) departments and in various leading roles (Patent Attorney, Licensing Associate, Portfolio Manager, Associate General Counsel) e.g. for Swatch, Philips, adidas and Dutch contract research organization TNO.
Arnaud has also academic affiliation. He is Adjunct Teaching Fellow at University College London. He has been teaching in universities since 1998 and developed innovative approaches to help understand and communicate about IP. In 2004-2008 he carried out a PhD research (sponsored by European Patent Office) on IP management (strategies and tactics, performance measurement, effective in-house interventions). Arnaud is a regular speaker at international conferences. He is the author of “The Patenting Paradox” and contributed to the last edition of “The Handbook of the European IP Management”.
Arnaud holds a Master of Science in physics, a Master of IP law from a US law school, and an Executive MBA from London Business School. He is also a qualified European Patent Attorney. In 2015 Patentopolis and Arnaud won IP Awards for best IP management, attributed by Acquisition International based on survey among professionals in the industry.
Practical and creative thinker Arnaud enjoys working across borders in terms of disciplines and cultures. With a multidisciplinary mind-set he is interested in assisting established firms, SMEs and ventures with fostering value creation and capture with IP for long-term benefits and growth.
Arnaud is based in Holland. Contact him at arnaud.gasnier@patentopolis.com

Dr. Luc Vandamme

Luc is a Senior Consultant of Patentopolis BV. He spent more than 30 years at Dow Corning, of which over 25 were in the realm of intellectual Property, where, as a qualified British and European IP attorney, he was IP Manager Europe and Asia, with responsibility for the protection, exploitation and enforcing of the company’s intellectual property and the education and guidance of management in all related matters. He is entering into consultancy on the training and management of intellectual property.
Luc is based in the UK. Contact him at luc.vandamme@patentopolis.com

Romano Beitsma

Romano is a Consultant of Patentopolis BV. He has more than 25 years of patent experience in various industrial companies and patent firms, both in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Currently he works as Dutch & European Patent Attorney at DeltaPatents, a patent firm in The Netherlands. Romano has also extensive experience with in-house IP training. He qualified as a Dutch Patent Agent in 1992 and as a European Patent Attorney in 1993. Romano holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in Delft (Netherlands) and a diploma in Economics from Erasmus University in Rotterdam (Netherlands).
Romano is based in Holland. Contact him at romano.beitsma@patentopolis.com

James (Jim) Schmidt

Jim is a Consultant of Patentopolis BV. He is also the founder and Senior Information Consultant for SI Consults, LLC. There he works with technology based companies to help them understand their informational needs and solutions. Previously, he was employed for over 30 years with Dow Corning Corporation where he provided education and training on several internal and external systems used for searching, analyzing, and monitoring patent and chemical information.
Jim is based in the US. Contact him at jim.schmidt@patentopolis.com

Roberto d’Erme

Roberto is a consultant of Patentopolis BV. He is a chartered lawyer specialized in IP law. Roberto has worked as IP legal consultant for many years, providing professional advice on IP related issues specifically for companies and RTOs in the framework of the European IPR Helpdesk service. Roberto is very familiar with IP arrangements under EU projects (FP7, H2020 etc.). Roberto also carried out IP activities at academic level: research at CEIPI in Strasbourg and academic coordinator of the ‘WIPO-CEIPI intermediate course on legal, administrative and economic aspects of Intellectual Property’ as well as other training and publications on IP management, commercialisation and financing through the European IPR Helpdesk.
Roberto is Italian and based in Luxembourg. Contact him at roberto.derme@patentopolis.com

George Olaru

George is a Consultant of Patentopolis BV (but neither hired nor employed by Patentopolis BV). He has 15+ years of global experience in IP and innovation management in Canada, USA and Germany.
George worked as Global Manager IP at General Electric Measurement & Control in 2004-2006. More recently, has taken various leading roles in IP and innovation. In his current position at Otto Männer GmbH (Germany) he is the Head of IP and Innovation with focus on injection moulding equipment and technologies. Prior to IP, he worked in R&D. At Patentopolis, George’s activities relate to medical devices, imaging sensors, scanners and CPV solar.
George graduated in Mechanical and Optical Engineering. He carried out a post-graduate research study in Japan in the areas of laser measurements and equipment. George authored fifteen scientific papers presented at numerous international conferences. He is the (co)inventor of 50+ US patents.
George is based in Germany. Contact him at george.olaru@patentopolis.com

Paloma Bernabeu

Paloma is a consultant of Patentopolis BV. She has been working as Technology Transfer Manager at various research centers for 10+ years. There, she gained experience with IP management (filing, prosecution, valuation, commercialization and agreements) in context of global IP strategies and EU projects (FP7, H2020). Prior to that, Paloma worked for 3M and other industries as Product Manager, especially in the area of new product development. She holds a Master of IP Law and Management, a Master in Economics and Business Management, and a Master in computer science.
Paloma is based in Spain. Contact her at paloma.bernabeu@patentopolis.com

Dr. Andreas Kreibich

Andreas is CEO, Change Manager and Founder of a2s Consulting Ltd, a cooperation partner of Patentopolis. Andreas has a multi-year background as strategy consultant, project manager and transition agent in various global corporate organizations. Since 2013 he is attracted to the dynamics of IP Strategy Implementation and applies change management insights to IP transition projects. Andreas holds an Executive MBA from London Business School and is a certified project manager (PMI, Prince2, Six Sigma).
Andreas is based in Germany. Contact him at andreas.kreibich@patentopolis.com

Louise Harley

Louise is a Consultant of Patentopolis BV. After starting her working life lecturing and teaching physics in the tertiary sector in the UK, she worked professionally as a hospital physicist for a number of years specialising in imaging and radiotherapy and then moved into financial analysis in London to gain business experience. In IP she has worked both in-house at Philips and the Dutch telecom company KPN, and in specialised patent firms e.g. in Munich. From such rich experience in IP during the last 15 years, Louise has gained considerable skills in patent drafting and prosecution, as well as in managing and strategising IP portfolios by better linking them to the business side. She is a European Patent Attorney and holds a Master in medical physics. Louise is also a member of the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) Examination Committee.
Louise is based in The Netherlands. Contact her at louise.harley@patentopolis.com

Monira Andkhoie

Monira is an Account Manager of Patentopolis BV. She has more than 15 years of workexperience in sales. She has practiced different roles for companies such as KPN, Iron Mountain and Unilever. Besides that, she holds a Master of Science in Marketing.
Monira is based in The Netherlands. Contact her at monira@patentopolis.com