The IP training activities behind Patentopolis business started in 1998. Our innovative training’s have been first used in universities and research institutes. The effectiveness of our first IP learning services and products has been scientifically validated in 2004-2007 during a PhD study sponsored by the European Patent Organization. We moved to in-house training for companies in 2009. One of our most distinctive training approaches were IP business simulations. The same year, the company Patentopolis BV was founded.

Subsequently, Patentopolis activities expanded from patent to IP to innovation. The topic of strategic IP/innovation management has become recurring from our clients from various industries and countries.

In 2014, Patentopolis became a partner to an EU project for 4 years; focus of our role is to set up strategic IP management (prepare plans with other partners, monitor execution, report on exploitation and impact). This was a pioneering enterprise for EU projects. From there, Patentopolis moved into consulting activities for other clients with limited resources (staffing).

In 2016, Patentopolis moved into solutions with the development and commercialization of a platform DIPS Online. Subsequently, DIPS Online is further developed for higher customer experience, user management and functionalities.

Along the years, Patentopolis has developed a wide network of partners to respond to changes in the industry with new models. We welcome more cooperation in the years to come in order to bridge more communities and capacities with the complex cycle of innovation in our economies.