About Us

Patentopolis BV is a leading firm specialized in IP (Intellectual Property) with a focus on strategy for innovation generation, protection and exploitation to create and capture value for business growth. We operate at the crossroads of the IP community seeking business and the business community seeking IP.

Our mission is to help clients think strategically and become proactive instead of opportunistic. We aim to design and distribute innovative solutions to change IP practices for greater awareness, cross-functional coordination and strategic integration. We aim to bridge capabilities between IP and business areas.

We are a unique provider enabling clients with validated practical frameworks through three channels.

  • Learning: Our trainings aim to empower you with our unique, proprietary tools (methodologies, online solutions) thanks to the assistance and guidance of our team of highly experienced consultants, so that you can directly apply these tools to your (client’s) company’s business specifics. We help our clients to better link IP to the rest of their companies. We deliver in-house training and conferences (check our Calendar of Events); we also train and certify IP strategists (check our phonebook).
  • Solutions: Major companies, IP firms and even large consultancy firms have built their own IP strategy/management unit sometimes called innovation consulting. At Patentopolis, we offer a suite of unique yet validated solutions which we have developed based on frameworks and tools delivered since 2009. We make continuous developments of innovative tools to enhance your IP management.
  • Consulting: we offer a suite of consultancy services for companies and organizations with limited resources and skills available in-house. The services are delivered by our team through unique workflows using our proprietary tools, methodologies and online systems.

Our clients are multinationals, large companies, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises, law and patent firms, business consultancies and a range of research institutes, universities and patent offices around the world. References and testimonials

We have global presence thanks to our network of consultants and partners. Our team includes a dozen highly experienced consultants and IP specialistsmainly based in Europe and USA. Our expertise covers the whole IP lifecycle (from strategy to operations) and across industries. By cooperating with IP law firms and other partners, we provide sustainable customer relationships as one point of access to access full IP services.

Patentopolis company and team are regularly recognized by the industry and the profession.


Patentopolis B.V. with its corporate seat at Voorstraat 13, 2611 JJ Delft, The Netherlands is registered with the Dutch Trade Register under number 27362870. VAT number: NL821611628B01. www.patentopolis.com